We are getting many comments, requests and questions throughout and after the “Live From Our Living Room” presentation and they are very much appreciated!! Most frequent are requests for songs, comments like “we would love to see his hands", "would love to be able to hear better”, “could you sing more”?…..all positive responses! Some of the quality issues, both audio and visual cannot be addressed as the only technical option we have available is an iPhone. BUT, we have listened and are going to give another option.

We have been asked and agreed to do a live presentation with “Hope Sings” on Monday evening, April 13, 2020. This will be a studio concert from Gallatin, TN. There will be cameras where Gordon’s hands can be shown, the sound will be studio quality, and the concert will be approximately 90 minutes in duration so Gordon should be able to perform all your requests. This is going to be a GREAT event that will not want to miss! Please see details below and go online and make your reservation today.

For those living in different time zones, the stream will be left up for 24 hours after the concert (7:00 PM EDT) for those who cannot watch it live or want to rewatch it.  It will be the same link and password as the original ticket you receive when purchasing.  This is a great opportunity for our out of USA friends and fans to watch at a convenient time.


Thank you for connecting with GordonMote.com.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my website. I appreciate you stopping by, and I hope that you are able to easily find your way around. It is my prayer that my music will encourage you and point you toward the Father who is the very Author, Creator, and Sustainer of this life. He is the giver of all good things, and to Him alone be all praise and glory!

Blessings to you,
Gordon Mote


"When we started listening to songs for this new project, there was no particular theme in mind. I have never recorded a "theme" project and had no intention of doing so this time. However, as the list of great songs began to develop, it became obvious there were several songs focused on a particular subject . . ."love". So we have titled this project "Love, Love, Love".

"Individuals, families and churches need to love more. If God's children will improve showing His love, our world will be a better place".

The Song titles on this project are:

Love, Love, Love
Love Is The golden Rule
Let The Ordinary Make You Happy
Grace Became Amazing
Set Your House In Order
Live Forgiven
Time To Pray
Remember For Me
Just believe
His Strength Is Perfect
Love crusade
People Get Ready
Invitation (Won't You come)

The title cut is the first radio single and we are getting great early response to this song! It is exciting to have this new project to perform in concerts and offer to you. We pray it will be a great blessing!


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