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RSI Music Group Announces New Release from Multi-talented Gordon Mote
February 10, 2011

"Songs I Grew up Singing" began as an idea that has materialized over the past couple of years. We are thrilled with the result. Gordon literally grew up singing and playing gospel music; recording his first project at eight years old. This collection of songs were many of his favorites during his formative years. It was no easy task to condense the track list to ten songs, but after many prayers and tough decisions, the final cut is sure to be a hit with all of Gordon’s fans. Although the titles are familiar, Gordon and co-producer Phil Johnson have given each song a fresh and unique touch. Chosen as the opening tune, Bill and Gloria Gaither's "This is the Time I Must Sing" begins with Russell Mauldin's incredible string arrangements. The incomparable Voices of Lee, teaming with Gordon, lends a praise and worship feel to this familiar song. Michael Sykes along with wife, Tanya perform background vocals on Rusty Goodman's great song "Who Am I?”. As Gordon performs "Rise Again" he again calls on Voices of Lee along with Tim and LaDonna Gatlin Johnson. Tim and LaDonna were the background vocalists when Dallas Holm first introduced the song in the 1970's. Jeff and Sheri Easter add their unique bluegrass feel to the old Red Back Hymnal tune, "Getting Ready to Leave this World" with some of Gordon's own rousing piano playing. "Through It All" shows the great influence of "Black Gospel" in Gordon's musical upbringing. "Shut De Door" reflects yet another gospel style as well as Gordon's sense of humor. All Southern Gospel fans will love the remake of "God's Gonna Do the Same for You and Me" and will be able to hear the strong Hinson influence as he performs "Call Me Gone". The project concludes with a bonus cut of a live recording of “Everything is Beautiful”; used courtesy of Gaither Music. You are going to love it!

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