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"Songs I Grew Up Singing" receives 4 Stars from James Hales
June 16, 2011

I was so excited when this recording was released. Though I am a huge fan of the gospel music from the 1950’s and 1960’s, it is the music of the 1970’s and 1980’s that I cut my teeth on and that is where most of the songs on this latest release from Gordon Mote came from. Digging back into his youth, Gordon compiled a wonderful selection of songs that he can identify with and are a part of who he is. Kicking off the recording is the Gaither classic, “This is the Time I Must Sing” featuring the Voices of Lee college choir. Putting his own spin on the song and giving it a Praise & Worship feel, you can’t help but shout at the pinnacle of the song, “holy, holy, holy is our God...this is the time I must sing!” It was great to see one of my personal favorites, “Give them all to Jesus” included as well we a reflective rendition of the Rusty Goodman classic, “Who am I?”. One of my favorites is the rather humorous, “Shut De Door”, which is a song I’ve only become familiar within the last few years, so it was a delight to enjoy this song again, as well as two wonderful Hinson classics, “God’s Gonna Do the Same for You and Me” and “Call Me Gone”, both expertly done (though I wish Gordon had put a bit more gusto in the recitation portion of the latter). Three great other classics from 1970s are reborn with the Dallas Holm classic, “Rise Again” (which also feature Tim and LaDonna Johnson from the original version doing BGVs), the Imperials classic, “Ol’ Buddha” and the Andrae Crouch favorite, “Through it All”, which are all excellently done as well. What recording would be complete without a song from the ol’ Red Back Hymnal and Gordon has a bluegrass revival with the uptempo hymn, “Getting Ready to Leave this World”, where is joined by Jeff & Sheri Easter. The recording closes out with a bonus track of Gordon singing with the Homecoming crew, the Ray Stevens classic, “Everything is Beautiful”. While the song is great and you can’t help but sing along...I didn’t think it fit the flow of the recording. Being a fan of the music from the 70s and 80s and being a fan of Gordon Mote makes this a highly enjoyable recording. Filled with songs that you can enjoy and sing along with, this will no doubt be a favorite recording for a lot of people who enjoys Gordon’s music. While the production quality doesn’t quite match Gordon’s previous releases (which is more in line with a “B” Project), it is still above par for the majority of what’s available out on the market today and overall, is a very pleasing, uplifting and highly enjoyable recording and it actually ranks as one of my personal favorite releases so far for 2011. Song List: (stars denote personal favorites) 1 – This is the Time I Must Sing** 2 – Give them all to Jesus** 3 – Who am I? 4 – Shut De Door** 5 – God’s Gonna Do the Same for You and Me** 6 – Rise Again** 7 – Ol’ Buddha 8 – Through it All** 9 – Getting Ready to Leave this World** 10-Call me Gone 11-Everything is Beautiful

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