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Wonderful testimony. This is why we get on the bus!
September 09, 2013

We received this wonderful testimony after a concert this past Thursday evening in Ohio! This is why we get on the bus!! Hi Bob, I have a son who will be 18 in 2 weeks and had been unable to have more... until last year. God gave us our precious Cayla Joy 16 and a half years after our son Samuel. When I found out at the beginning of my 3rd trimester that she had half a heart, I started a blog to keep my family updated on her little life. I had no idea how God would use that blog world-wide from Afghanistan, Japan, Brazil and Ireland to name a few. Villages in Brazil were praying, women in Afghanistan were reading my blog to be encouraged to rebuild their lives with God's help through the hard times. I know that Cayla's 2 months on earth were for God's glory. It was the hardest thing I've gone through, even with my mom getting cancer when I was 15. I still have moments when I just want my baby back, but overall, God has given peace and I wouldn't change her life and what God was able to accomplish through her. The day she died, I had over 2,000 hits on that blog entry within a few hours. Well, I still add to my blog off and on even though she died June 22, 2012. After the concert Thursday evening with Gordon Mote, I was overwhelmed by God's faithfulness. What Connie sent you was an entry in my daughter, Cayla Joy's blog. Connie asked if she could send it to you all. I just wanted to give you some background on where my thoughts were coming from in the note she sent you. Feel free to look at my blog and see pictures of my precious daughter. Her heart was so strong for only having half of a heart. God did a miracle in that by putting her aorta in the "wrong" place so she wouldn't need major reconstructive surgery. It was her bottom deformity that killed her with bacteria backing up in her body with an undetectable infection inside her that only took 4 quick hours. So there's a little background. I have been thinking about Cayla a lot this week and music speaks to me and moves me like nothing else. I coordinate the music at my church, am the pianist there and sing often in groups, duets and solos. The concert and Gordon's testimony and words he spoke and sang, spoke to me and blessed me. So I say a huge thank you for coming even when you didn't have to. God has used you in my life and helping me get through a rough week. The songs were just what I needed to hear and my friend Tina too. Her husband left her with 3 small children because she became a Christian. The one song he sang, started off with that exact scenario. Amazing how God works! Love it. Thanks again and may God bless you all and your ministry, Linda Sowry Ashtabula, Ohio My blog about my daughter is: ourpreciouscaylajoy.blogspot.com This photo is the night before she died looking perfect in every way. We had no idea. I took the picture because she had just finally found her thumb to suck on.

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